We have partnered up with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers and NPY
Women’s Council with 5% from all raffia sales will be rebated
every quarter.
Tjanpi Desert Weavers is a not-for-profit social enterprise of
NPY Women’s Council, a service delivery, advocacy and support
organisation for Aboriginal women living in 26 desert
communities in the cross-border regions of WA, SA and the NT.
Tjanpi Desert Weavers was created by NPY women to give over
400+ women on country regular income from selling their fibre
The sales will support the program of skills development
workshops held in remote communities to provide women with
the skills to create fibre art. Tjanpi provides a culturally and
socially appropriate avenue for creating income for women in
communities faced with such severe disadvantage. Immediate
payment for even small works is often enough to meet basic
necessities. Tjanpi’s activities bring women together to create
artwork thus offering companionship, support and
opportunities to re-connect with family and cross-community
collaboration within the NPY lands. The delivery of workshops
throughout the year improves the technical, creative and
professional skills of senior and emerging artists and
encourages young women to learn the skills to create a basket
or sculpture. Tjanpi empowers women to provide for their
families and enhances well-being through achievement, pride
in creative work, positive identity and reduced welfare